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Is your group or organization looking for something exciting and different to sell for your fundraiser?

Kettle Corn is one of the hottest items on the market. Its a healthier alternative to the standard candy and cookies. Once your customers taste this slightly sweet and salty snack, they will be begging for more! This is a great way for schools, churches, sports teams, youth groups and non-profit groups to earn money. Firehouse Kettle Corn makes the fundraising process simple and makes every effort to make sure your fundraiser is a success and profitable for your organization.

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Summer is here and the weather is heating up, try our Firehouse Shaved Ice Fundraiser

FireHouse-Shaved-Ice_Trailer_1a (1)Our Program is another way to beat the heat and get involved in the community.  We support local not-for-profit organizations in helping them reach their fundraising goals.


Direct Sales

PreSales – 50 bag minimum
Each participant takes an order form around to friends, family and neighbors.  Payments are collected as orders are taken. Depending on your organization, a time frame of one to two weeks should be sufficient for collecting orders.  There is no upfront cost to your organization.  You pay us only after you have taken your orders and collected the money.  You immediately know how much your organization has made.  Once orders are collected, you will submit an order summary to Firehouse Kettle Corn and the order will be popped fresh, filled and returned to you by the scheduled delivery or pick up date.  All orders should be delivered to customers within a few days to ensure freshness.

Direct Sales – 50 bag minimum 
Another great fundraising method is to purchase Firehouse Kettle Corn at our special fundraising rates to resale.  This method works well for sporting event sales, church fairs, or school competitions.  Kettle Corn is addicting and people love it!

Firehouse Booth

 Booth Sales
If you are having a large event where we can actually pop on site or know a business in a high traffic area that would let you set up, popping on site might be something to consider.  When people can walk up to the booth and get a bag of Kettle Corn that is still warm, your sales will explode.  The smell of fresh popped Kettle Corn and being able to see it made, is definitely a crowd pleaser. You will need to supply us with 2-3 workers during the event consisting of one adult at all times. More workers may be required depending on the size of the event.

If you are interested in partnering with us for your fundraiser, please complete the fundraiser application and submit to us. We will contact you with 48 hours of receiving your application to finalize the details.

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Fundraiser Application

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Qualifying Requirements

Firehouse Kettle Corn fundraising programs and pricing structures are designed to assist non-profit organizations and groups. Our pricing structure reflects a commitment to helping our community and is not designed to provide wholesale pricing to individuals or groups using our product for personal or corporate profit. In order to receive fundraising pricing, an organization must qualify as a nonprofit organization.

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